February 2023

2023 Walter Scott Prize Longlist Announced

The longlist for the 2023 Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction was announced yesterday! Thanks to this prize, I have discovered lots of great books and authors and always look out for the longlists and shortlists; in fact, trying to read all of the shortlisted titles since the prize began in 2010 is a personal … Continue reading The Walter Scott Prize Longlist 2023…

“Exploring Horse Stories Through Picture Books”

Horses are a very niche theme in kid lit, with tween horse books having a devoted audience. If your kids love horses but aren’t quite old enough to read middle grade literature, these picture books about horses will tide them over in the meantime. Many of these picks are just so beautifully illustrated, I’m sure your young readers simply won’t be able to get enough of them!
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Ten Books with ‘Heart’ in the Title for Top Ten Tuesday

This week’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) is a “Love/Valentine’s Day Freebie”. To celebrate Valentine’s Day I have listed ten books I’ve read with the word ‘heart’ in the title. However, they are not all love stories – in fact, most of them aren’t! ~ 1. Second Hand Heart … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Books with ‘Heart’ in the title…

Top 5 Young Adult Historical Fiction Books

When I think about it, I realize historical fiction was my first genre love back when I was a child. Between American Girls books, Dear American and Little House on the Prairie — I was OBSESSED with being transported back to the past. That hasn’t changed as an adult — I love to experience the…
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“Exploring Similar Books to Jason Reynolds’ Ghost”

If you read the Goodreads reviews for this book, you’ll see why readers adored it. I remember giving it five stars myself when I read it in 2019. For this list, I’ve chosen books featuring similar themes. You’ll meet Black boys exploring a new passion and trying to escape personal anger and family issues while leaning on their communities. If your kids are looking for books like Ghost by Jason Reynolds, you can confidently hand them these books.
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2023 Young Adult Books to Look Forward To (January – June)

This new release list was painstakingly hard for me to narrow down because there are so many new young adult/teen books I’m excited about for 2023. Pain aside, it’s heartening though because a few years ago it seemed I wasn’t that excited about YA new releases as I used to be and I really thought…
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“Top Book Club Picks: Stimulating Discussions Guaranteed!”

Y’all know what a big book club enthusiast I am. Seriously, one of the best things about my social life since I started creating and joining book clubs in my mid 20’s. At one time I was juggling three in-person book clubs because I was extremely into being part of them — before you know,…
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2023 Guide to the Top 5 Book Subscription Boxes for Children

It’s no surprise that, because I love book subscription boxes for myself, that when Riley started to get a bit older I began my search for the best book subscription boxes for kids so that Riley could get fun book mail and get new books, too. It’s our fun little treat since we do a…
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“Exploring the Themes of Loss and Grief in E.C.R. Lorac’s ‘Death of an Author'”

E.C.R. Lorac’s Death of an Author, first published in 1935, begins with the novelist Michael Ashe persuading his publisher to arrange a dinner party so that he can meet another of their authors, the crime writer Vivian Lestrange. Despite being famously secretive and reclusive, Lestrange accepts the invitation – but to Ashe’s surprise, a young … Continue reading Death of an Author by E.C.R. Lorac – #ReadIndies…