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2023 Young Adult Books to Look Forward To (January – June)

This new release list was painstakingly hard for me to narrow down because there are so many new young adult/teen books I’m excited about for 2023. Pain aside, it’s heartening though because a few years ago it seemed I wasn’t that excited about YA new releases as I used to be and I really thought…
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2023 Films Adapted From Books: A Comprehensive Guide

Out of all these years I’ve done my book to movie adaptation lists these past couple years by far have been the most rollercoaster experience –for obvious reasons. There’s always SOME change and moving of dates but these past years so many things postponed, productions halted, things moved around. It was hard to keep up.…
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2023 Adult Fiction Book Releases (January-June): What to Read Next

My favorite time of year — talking about all the new books coming out that I am most anticipating in 2023! Seriously looks like so many good books to read in 2023 when it comes to adult fiction. My YA new books list will be coming soon, by the way, but this book list is…
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