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Picture Books to Prepare Kids for the School Year

Back-to-school season is always so exciting. I remember the thrill of new backpacks, new pencils and notebooks, and even new shoes! But, not every kid finds the season as fun as some do. For some kids, it can be depressing, scary, or just plain intimidating to return to a new or old school. The great thing about books, however, is that they strive to cover a wide range of experiences — and that’s what this list of back-to-school picture books is about. Whether your kids love school or dread the first day of school, there’s an encouraging tale for them on…

Exploring Imagination Through Picture Books

Our imagination is so powerful, and it can be wonderful when kids discover that there’s a whole world inside their heads. These picture books about imagination are all so gorgeous and take readers into the minds of kids and their dreams. Many of them also feature funny, imaginative stories to keep kids dreaming. If you or your kids love whimsical, creative, inspiring, and funny picture books, these are some lovely options.
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“Exploring Horse Stories Through Picture Books”

Horses are a very niche theme in kid lit, with tween horse books having a devoted audience. If your kids love horses but aren’t quite old enough to read middle grade literature, these picture books about horses will tide them over in the meantime. Many of these picks are just so beautifully illustrated, I’m sure your young readers simply won’t be able to get enough of them!
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Picture Books About Mothers

Picture Books About Mothers

A mother’s love is priceless, and its presence or lack thereof can shape a child’s life significantly. These picture books about mothers reflect the warmth and security that moms can provide. They feature mom and kid routines, memories shared between mothers and their kids, and lovely odes to the gift of motherhood. If you’re looking for children’s books about moms, you’ll love these picks.
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